• Contractors are specialized talent who are offered paid gigs as the need arises. By definition, they are independent of Skydrift and, for each gig, sign a contract that begins and ends when the work is completed. This can be short and sweet (maybe we just need you to record a voice over or help set up lighting) or long and beautiful (serve as DP on a documentary short or manage a project budget).
  • Employees can be part- or full-time and might work on back-to-back or simultaneous projects or oversee business operations (such as accounting or line producing).
  • Collaborators will never be shot. Unless they're also onscreen talent. Large projects such as documentaries and narrative shorts have massive, quickly moving parts that demand attention from many participants: producers, researchers, legal, sponsors, ... anyone who works with Skydrift and reaps benefits from ways other than getting paid by us.
  • Affiliates: This position is not currently open. We have someone who's preparing to carry the weight of this program for now, and he's gonna rock it. When additional positions open, we'll update here.
  • Clients, we heart you! Click "Contact" on any page to get in touch and discuss how we can bring your story to the screen. (The introduction form below is for us plebeian creatives.)



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In the above form, you cannot save your partial work to finish another time. We feel bad about this. You can open the form to preview the questions and steel yourself for the challenge. Or psych yourself up. Or set your game face. Or prepare to go epic. It all depends on your generation, doesn't it.