We're on a Mission.

Our statements:

  1. As an employee, affiliate, or independent contractor of Skydrift, I aim to outdo expectations in everything I do for the client, starting with the kickoff meeting and continuing until delivery of the final product.
  2. As a company, Skydrift is dedicated to taking care of its teammates, growing their artistry, creating opportunities to collaborate and contribute, building personal portfolios and reels, getting them outdoors and away from their keyboards, supporting them when they have to hunker down inside to work, and enjoying the process.
  3. As a team, we are committed to bringing out the best in one another and always improving on what we do.


You have to be ...

  • extremely self-motivated,
  • open to constructive criticism,
  • good at your job,
  • able to project your timelines and meet deadlines,
  • confident about explaining your ideas, flexible about adapting your ideas, capable of exploring other people's ideas with intelligence and professionalism and collegial love,
  • an honest communicator,
  • kind, and
  • prepared to aim high together.

In short: Be genuinely, energetically collaborative.