Dawn Ippolito
Multimedia Artist
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Videography for events, promotions, art pieces, athletics, and (of course) adventure and action

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"Crazy Climb"


Client: Adventure HQ
Package: five promo videos and a safety orientation video
Status: postproduction on promo spots; soon to enter principle photography on orientation video


I'm currently creating five promotional videos―each with slight variations in content, theme, and target audience―for Adventure HQ in Central Florida. They have an amazing facility and great staff, and I happen to be a frequent customer of their bouldering gym :-). This is a sneak peak, early cut of one of the videos.



Client: Refugee Focus/ LSS-SW
Event: World Refugee Day - Tucson 2015


I have been creating visual works for World Refugee Day ceremonies annually since 2013, when I first began working with and getting to know refugee communities and resettlement agencies in Arizona.

Every year in June, cities around the world celebrate World Refugee Day—some with naturalization ceremonies, others with memorials, performances, or community gatherings. Here's how Tucson, Arizona, got down in 2015 to honor the struggle and to celebrate the opportunity for a safe future.



Date: Autumn 2015


Enticing a love of nature through a visual medium and encouraging individual and group hiking in local, state, and national parks

Technical: All footage was shot on the fly with an old-model Samsung Galaxy S3 phone or GoPro Hero 4 Black and edited with care in autumn 2015.



Client: Refugee Focus / LSS-SW


Refugee Focus welcomes the community of downtown Tucson to become part of the transformation that is improving spaces and change lives.

"Forgot My Phone"
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