Dawn Ippolito
Multimedia Artist


What should we make together?

Tell me what you're looking for.

Film, photo, audio, words, digital, print, live event, interaction, audience response...?


I am looking for...

  1. 🔎 leads on community heroes, social efforts, or local issues that deserve more attention.
  2. 💲 commercial work from businesses, nonprofit organizations, and action-adventure projects.
  3. 🎭 artistic collaborators.
  4. 💪 more rock climbing friends—I lead a measly 5.10, but I'm a vigilant belayer 👀.
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    Where is Dawn today?

    I move around.
    Here's where I was at last update, 12 September 2017:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
    bouldering and keeping clear of Hurricane Irma.

    Next stop:
    Return to Brevard County, Florida, to complete projects.

    My headquarters are Tampa, Florida, USA.