Dawn Ippolito
Photographer − Videographer


straightforward pricing and value

Wedding + Engagement

Event Photography

  • $120 for one hour

  • $220 for two hours

  • $550 half day (5 hours)

  • $1,000 full day (10 hours including lunch break)

Event Videography

  • $120 per hour

  • $550 half day (5 hours)

  • $1,000 full day (10 hours including lunch break)

Community and Nonprofit

To make photography accessible to cash-strapped organizations that are doing great things for our community, I may offer special rates or help connect you with other artists who provide similar discounts.

Commercial Photography

Commercial and product photography rates are based on the project.

Commercial Videography

  • Promo videos begin at $700.

  • Packages with effects, motion graphics, and additional versions tailored to your social-media advertising tend to come in around $1200.

I can provide an exact quote after we’ve discussed your video project.

Portraits and Unique Photography

Every photograph is unique, just like my clients. Portrait and group photography rates are based on actual factors and not on arbitrary markups. Your quote will include the details.

  • For example only: $140 for a single-location 40-minute shoot with 8 family portraits delivered digitally and one 11” x 14” print photo

  • For example only: $200 for a 60-minute athlete portrait session with 4 artistic portraits prints

  • For example only: $360 for corporate head shots for 6 of your employees

  • For example only: $700 for team and individual photographs of 10 teams in your sports league

Photo Editing

  • Photo retouching rates range from $2 (e.g. removing blemishes) to $25 (e.g. high-end beauty editing) and up.

  • Photo manipulation is custom (e.g. reposing people, new objects, effects, background replacement, cutouts).

  • Photo restoration base rate is $25 per photograph, adjustable for degree and quantity.

  • Commercial and product editing is $65 per hour.

Send images to me—directly or in an online gallery—along with a detailed description of what you want changed, and I will provide a quote.

Video Editing

  • $55 per hour or $550 full day for standard video editing, motion graphics, and grading

  • Custom pricing for advanced editing and effects

  • Custom rates for ongoing YouTube series and other vlog editing


Get in touch for a quote or to ask questions.